The Astonishing Adventures of Miss Klips

Design GalleryI'm a girl who does a little bit of everything. I attend the Ohio State University. I sculpt, make jewelry, paint, draw, design, carve, sing, study, explore, science (it's a verb now), fix things, and so on. The rest of my time is spent, now, trying to find small ways to save the world. I'm exceedingly careful about living in an environmentally friendly manner and unfortunately am often that person who makes everyone around her feel slightly guilty. I use disposable plastic as infrequently as possible and carry around a spoon and "collapsable chopsticks and a "stainless steel straw everywhere I go.

I'm slightly addicted to puns. I know how to laugh at myself. Which is pretty helpful, as I tend to get myself in to slightly embarrassing situations. I love to go on adventures (no one has ever been permanently killed on one of these) and drag friends out to catch bugs while standing waist-deep in the Olentangy River or out to look under rocks for salamanders.

I love monsters in the broadest sense of the word. I study zoology (the study of monsters) and teach kids (monsters) on the side about the importance of reptile and invertebrate (monster) conservation with the help of my pet snakes and spiders (monsters). I am a firm believer that the only way to combat disgust and fear is with knowledge (The only way to combat fear is to mind your monsters). Instead of kicking the insects (monsters), reptiles (monsters), downtrodden (monsters), ugly things (monsters), different (monsters) out because they are so monsterous we should stop minding them and instead put our minds to fostering understanding.

…What? You know about infobursts? You're looking for them here? I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't know what infoburst is and would never have anything to do with something like that.

Other Stuff

Logo should be here!I make some jewelry occasionally and love to solve problems by constructing a solution on my own with my two hands.

I'm a member of the Columbus Idea Foundry and I run a mini-micro-etsy thing.

I'm very fond of photoshop and illustrator, and now that I've discovered accessible laser cutting I am unlikely to ever been seen in the light of day again. Until spring. Because that's when the creatures come out, and I will be there to watch them.

I am the designer and creator of the new logo for the OSU Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology. It features a tree of DNA with hexagons because that is the pattern that buckyballs are (and OSU is the buckeyes) and we are all made out of carbon. It also reminds us of a colony of bees where all the parts work together to create a whole. The earth is featured because we are a community from all across the world and we strive to study and protect life no matter where on the planet it is located. It represents as many facets of life as could fit into it, while still expanding into negative space and breaking the traditional square logo perimeter.

This website is pretty minimal. It will someday be expanded into something more glorious. It just hasn't been a priority yet.

Current Obsessions and Places I'm Found

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The monsters ate the rest of this page...

They must have been really hungry.

Lemon Drops and Koalas

See that shaved koala? Koalas do not like lemon drops. Lemon drops get stuck in koala fluff. Koalas prefer swedish fish. Eucalyptus flavor, please.