Mind Your Monsters

An ethically focused design studio creating small things
to make life a bit less lonely. 
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It's Not Just About Design

The foundation of a Good business is sustainability. Growth is not limitless, so all the products from Mind Your Monsters are created with a core set of principles in mind: 

Responsibly Sourced

Making things is a process wherin you obtain lots of bits and bobs made all over the world and combine them to create something special. At MYM we work obsessively to re-purpose whenever possible, and the rest of the time to prioritize suppliers with environmentally and/or socially beneficial practices. 

Re-Purposed Packaging

Bubble mailers can't be recycled. Foil jewelry boxes and tiny fabric jewelry bags can't be recycled either. Therefore, at MYM all our packaging is made up of materials given a second life before they are recycled or thrown away.
When it comes to making the packaging we strive to employ people with disabilities that can't otherwise find work.

The Team

  • Sara Klips
    The Mind Behind The Monsters
    I didn't mean to own a small business, but I can't stop inventing things and this is (apparently) how you do that professionally. 
  • Montgomery
    The Dog
    A melancholy rescue dog whose sole goal in life is to make it harder for Sara to get work done.
  • Magpie
    23 lbs of Pure Destructive Power
    Breaker of hearts. Destroyer of yards.
    Perpetually enthusiastic rescue dog whose primary goal is stalking Monty.  Thank goodness that she's cute. 
  • Sara's Super Hero Alter-Ego
    The Insect Educator
    The only way to combat fear and disgust is through education. Therefore it's a joy to teach beetles that humans aren't as gross as they look.

Extinct and Extant Productions

The kind of stuff you can expect to see from the studio of Mind Your Monsters.
  • Tiny Earrings

    Unpaired hypoallergenic earrings in multiple gauges available NOW on Etsy
  • Nature Jewelry

    Sustainably sourced critter bits to ornament your bod occasionally available on Etsy. 
  • Tiny Terraria 

    Tiny ecosystems semi-enclosed in vintage bottles. Easiest gardening ever!
  • Logo Design

    Hey look! It's a logo!
  • Information Graphics

    Sara's degree is in zoology but she's stuck making art, so these projects keep her sane.
  • Non-Sequiturs

    Using the smallest limes with the biggest flavor is what makes our design so good.

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Links for Love

Apparently you're not supposed to link away from your own page for "marketing reasons" but Mind Your Monsters don't grok with those kinds of rules. 


What a neat art project. It might never get finished, but whoever did it must have had fun while it lasted.

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This page is not directly associated with Mind Your Monsters and only reflects the human who makes this stuff.

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Photography and science from human responsible for half the genes of the individual who created MYM

Sustainable Seafood

We have the technology to catch all the fish in the world, and the responsibility to make sure we don't.

Wonderful Artist

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Mind Your Monsters studio is located in Columbus Ohio and can be contacted on Gmail at Delightedly.